Probation Officer Accused of Stalking State Trooper

Enfield police say they have arrested a man accused of stalking a Connecticut State Police trooper and officials in Massachusetts said the suspect is a probation officer who has been placed on leave,

The suspect, 32-year-old Marcus Cameron, was arrested Tuesday. He has not yet returned NBC Connecticut’s request comment.

Officials from the state of Massachusetts Probation Service said Cameron is a two-year-probation officer at Springfield District Court and is on paid leaving pending a review.  

In an arrest warrant application, police allege Cameron jumped in his car and trailed an off-duty trooper who was in his cruiser on Nov. 12. Cameron is accused of following the trooper for more than four miles throughout town.

Detectives say it ended with the trooper calling police, pulling into a mall parking lot and officers then questioning everyone.

Investigators say there’s been tension for months between the trooper and Cameron who both used to live on Foxcroft Road.

In May, police say the trooper spoke to Cameron about his driving in the neighborhood. Investigators say Cameron then became upset and started frequently driving by the trooper’s home, even filing complaints about the trooper with state police, which were recently ruled unfounded.

In an interview, the trooper told detectives, “All of these incidents are alarming and Cameron’s actions are very troublesome and have instilled fear for the safety” of him and his family.

Now seven months after this all started, the trooper has moved his family from the street and Cameron faces a charge of third-degree stalking.

The trooper now also has a protective order against Cameron. 

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