Enfield Parents Sound Off on School Masks, ‘Pizza' Lesson Controversy

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Masks were a hot topic at an Enfield Board of Education meeting on Tuesday, which also was heavily focused on a controversy in town involving pizza.

During the meeting, a woman delivered pizza, was later confronted by audience members and then was escorted out by police.

Some people in town have been fired up after ordering a pizza was used as a metaphor in a sex ed school assignment.

The superintendent says the assignment was sent out accidentally to 8th grade students and the staff member responsible has apologized.

Some parents blasted it, though others pointed out it brought up an important topic.

“This assignment is prompting kids to become sexually active before their time,” said Tracey Jarvis, of Enfield.

“This particular assignment was obviously not appropriate but it was not intended to cause harm to any child,” said Marcie Taliceo of Enfield.

As for the issue of masks, the superintendent says they are still trying to figure out exactly how the governor’s proposal will work and when communities could decide for themselves about requiring masks in schools.

Though he says it’s clear current state rules won’t allow it to be done just yet.

Everyone who spoke during the public hearing was in favor of lifting the mandate.

“To all the teachers watching or listening, I know you want to see your students' faces again. I know you miss their smiles. This is the time to let the masks go,” said Matt Schmitt, of Enfield.

The board is now waiting to hear from Hartford about what the plan is and if masks could be done away with later this month.

We heard the board chair is ready to potentially call a special meeting about the issue.

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