EPA Issues Poor Air Quality Warning

The EPA is forecasting a poor air quality day for most of the state for Friday.

Thursday was the perfect weather day as thousands took to the streets of Willimantic for its third Thursday festival. More than 100 vendors came out cooking up a storm and entertaining the crowds.

"You have to come out and enjoy this beautiful day and the fun festivities. The food is amazing," said North Windham resident Rhema Seale.

For Friday, though, the EPA is warning it may be better to stay inside because it's predicting poor air quality for sensitive populations for almost all of Connecticut. The warning affects all but Litchfield County and will begin at 11am.

Sensitive populations include children and adults with respiratory issues. Experts say elevated ozone level exposure can cause breathing problems and increase the chance of respiratory infection.

"We make sure we stay inside or stay where there's AC," said Willimantic resident Nathaniel Hamilton.

Experts recommend trying to reduce emissions by carpooling or taking public transportation and limiting strenuous outdoor activities. For those sensitive populations that still plan on heading out on Friday, experts suggest doing so in the morning when the ozone is lower.

"We're already planning a beach day because of that. We'll go early and leave early when it's the heat of the day and not be out and exposed," said Brooklyn resident Jennifer Frechette.

Rhema Seale and her 13-month-old baby had a great time at the Willimantic Street Fest and plan to play it safe on Friday.

"Staying indoors as much as possible but still enjoying ourselves even though that's the case," said Seale.

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