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Even Without a Parade, Trinity Bar Returns to St. Patrick's Day Scene

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There’s a bit of disappointment in New Haven with the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade postponed, but one business owner says although he’s scaling back plans, they’re still planning for a busy Sunday.

“We’ve missed the last two so this was our comeback,” said Eddie Higgins, owner of Trinity Bar.

The bar was closed after a fire in 2017. Everything had to be replaced, down to the frame. It reopened in June and this was going to be a true celebration.

“The plan is to go ahead and put on the band, you know still serve corned beef and cabbage,” said Higgins.

They would have moved all the furniture out, put a tent out front and had the banquet room open. Instead he says they’ve canceled the tent and cut back on the number of kegs.

“You can cancel the parade but you can’t cancel St. Patrick’s Day.”

Mayor Justin Elicker said it was a tough decision, but a needed precaution in light of the coronavirus. He said he understands this weekend is an important cultural and economic event for New Haven.

He and his team had to weigh the financial impact of losing the event, versus the long-term impact of widespread illness. Thousands of people would be in town from all over possibly putting each other, and city first responders, at risk.

“Almost our whole fire department would be at the event,” said Elicker. “If one firefighter got sick that could potentially contaminate our whole fire force.”

Or the police or any other department, he added, saying the spread of the virus would hinder their ability to protect New Haven.

Higgins said he understands and is not too surprised after seeing other cancellations in Ireland and around the world.  

The party will still be at Trinity Bar Sunday.  Richard Lynch has been a faithful for years and he’ll be there for his favorite holiday dish.

“I do love the corned beef and cabbage,” said Lynch.

And he’s ready for the return of St. Patrick’s day at one of his favorite places.

“I’ll still come down here, we love it here at the trinity.”

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