Evening Snow and a Thaw

A burst of snow and even some thunder and lightning put down two pockets of accumulation this evening. One, as expected, occured in the Litchfield Hills where a persistent snow squall dropped nearly an inch of snow in some towns (0.8" of snow reported in Warren).

NBC Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan has the evening weather forecast on February 15th,2017

A second squall produced an area of accumulating snow from Haddam south to Killingworth and Clinton - temperatures dropped enough to flip the rain to snow. Very impressive for the shoreline given how mild it was when the squall started!

As temperatures drop this evening watch out for some pockets of black ice.


Going forward, people who love winter are going to get a bit sad. No real change to the thinking from yesterday with a prolonged period of above normal temperatures moving in. The 6-10 day temperature anomaly about 5,000 feet above our heads again today shows huge positive temperature anomalies across the eastern half of North America.

I don't think winter is done. While it is looking warm over the next 10 days we've been able to sneak a number of snow events into a generally warm weather pattern so far this winter. We'll see how this unfolds going forward.

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