Eversource Says It Has Crews Ready to Respond to Outages

As Connecticut braces for a glancing blow from the blizzard bearing down on the mid-Atlantic, Eversource said the company is closing monitoring the storm’s path and will have crews and staff ready to respond to any damage or outages the storm might cause.

“We prepare year-round for storms like this and are ready to address any damage to the electric system,” Peter Clarke, senior vice president of emergency preparedness for Eversource said in a statement. “While we may not be able to control the weather in New England, we know that our ongoing system improvements are helping us to better handle whatever Mother Nature throws at us.”

High winds can bring down power lines, so the company reminds people to always stay away from any downed lines you see and to report them immediately to 911.

To report a power outage, call Eversource at 1-800-286-2000 or use the “Report an Outage” link at www.eversource.com.

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