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Eversource Says It's Prepared For Potentially Severe Weather Thursday

An Eversource spokesperson said they have contracted crews positioned around the state and ready if necessary.

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More than three weeks after Isaias blew through Connecticut, cleanup continues. Tree removal crews are still catching up, working very long days.

“We are running from five in the morning to eight at night. As long as there is light, we are working,” said Joe Brege of B&M Tree Service in West Hartford.

Now, as Thursday’s forecast calls for high winds and potentially severe thunderstorms, more work could lie ahead.

“Anything that we thought that might cause a problem for tomorrow's storm or this weekend's storm that's what we are doing for the next couple of days,” explained Brege.

While tree crews prepare, some wonder about Eversource. Isaias left more than 600,000 households without power, leaving some wondering if Eversource will be more prepared next time severe weather strikes.

“Let’s hope that they learned a lesson and that they will be,” said Steve Lancor who was without power for three days at his West Hartford home.

A spokesperson for Eversource said they’ve seen Thursday’s forecast and are preparing.

“We are fully staffed. We have line workers, tree crew, support staff all ready to respond if there are outages,” said Eversource spokesperson Tricia Modifica.

If needed, Eversource said they have also contracted crews from elsewhere to assist with restoring power if necessary.

“They will all be prepositioned around the state in advance of the storm so they’re ready to respond to any damage caused by the weather we’re expecting,” said Modifica.

Meanwhile, people in recently hard-hit area are also taking precautionary measures.

“Grab a generator. Get the candles out. Get the matches. Put food away. Get out a cooler. Get some ice." Those are all things West Hartford’s Adriana Nace said she’s considering as Thursday’s weather approaches.

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