Eversource Warns of ‘Higher-Than-Normal' Winter Bills; Electricity Rates Could Rise Jan. 1

Eversource sign

Eversource is warning its customers they could face "higher-than-normal" bills this winter as the price of natural gas rises.

Residential heating customers could see bills increase by 14% or $30 in November compared with their average heating bill from 2020, Eversource said. The prices can also incrementally change throughout the season because rates are adjusting monthly.

Eversource said the rising cost of natural gas will also increase the cost of electricity for its customers. Eversource also said it plans to file this week for new electricity rates that will take effect Jan. 1.

The utility said a combination of increased global demand for gas combine with a drop in the U.S. gas supply is leading to the higher rates.

The company is telling customers to plan now for the higher costs by using the state's UniteCT program which can provide electricity payment help for households impacted by the pandemic. Eversource said it also has payment plan options and energy efficiency programs.

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