Exclusive: Backstage With 50 Cent


For more than a decade, 50 Cent’s fans have reveled in the rap star’s music, his body and his star power, and as if we couldn’t like him anymore, he’s finishing up a nationwide tour that he says is just for the fans.

We met up with him backstage before Wednesday’s show.

“For me it’s an opportunity to get out and see the fans,” the rap star said.

50 Cent says, on this tour, he chose smaller venues to perform in so he could be more intimate with those fans.

In addition to performing on stage, he’s also performing on the big screen. He’s already filmed three movies this year and one that hits close to home is called Things Fall Apart.

“I’ve actually been approached with the kind of screenplays that I wanted to be associated with,” he said.

This one is about a Heisman trophy hopeful who comes down with cancer.

“One of my best friends I grew up with passed away from cancer,” he said.

For the role, 50 Cent lost more than 50 pounds in nine weeks by keeping to a liquid diet and a strict cardio routine.

He self-documented the weight loss and shocked the world when he released a picture of himself showing the dramatic weight loss.

“I was 168 pounds. Then I lost 8 pounds before I went to shoot for the very first day. When I got to the shoot, people we’re like ‘OK, you’re going too far now’,” he said.

50 can laugh about the weight loss now that he is at a healthy weight again.

“I am back to my size, but I’m not in the shape that I was, so now I’m training,” he said.

50 Cent called the role a creative challenge.

Another challenge he’s facing is trying to sell his multi-million dollar home in Farmington.

It boasts 18 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms and has been on the market for a while.

“I like Connecticut, but I think a bigger family should have it. I had the intentions of raising my son and everyone else there,” he said. “Now it’s just me, so it doesn’t make sense to have 18 bedrooms. I still sleep in just one. I try to sleep in the other beds because I’m paying for them, but it doesn’t make sense to have a property that big.”

So, he might be leaving Connecticut, but what’s next for the man who’s done almost everything, only time will tell and his fans are anxiously waiting to find out.


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