Experts Talk Fireworks Safety Ahead of July 4th Celebrations

Independence Day weekend brings barbecues, trips to the beach, and of course fireworks. But fire officials and firework experts want to make sure everyone stays safe this holiday.

"The best thing to shoot a firework with is either a punk or a grill lighter. You should never use a lighter because that spark will come back and get you in the thumb," said Guido's Fireworks owner Joann Spillane.

Spillane is pretty bright when it comes to fireworks.

"There should be a designated driver and there should be a designated lighter," said Spillane.

The owner of the firework shop in Branford said this time of year business booms. With statistics showing 10,000 injuries occur nationwide from fireworks, fire officials and firework sellers are making sure celebrators stay safe.

"If you're going to use sparklers make sure they're not near brush, make sure you're far enough away from combustibles, if you're having a picnic near the grill or the tent," said West Haven Fire Marshall Keith Flood.

Flood said even legal fireworks can be dangerous if users aren't cautious.

"Fifty percent of the injuries of the injuries are due to sparklers actually," said Flood.

The National Fire Prevention Association said each year fireworks, on average, cause 25,000 fires.

Fire officials said knowing how to handle fireworks is key. Like knowing what to do if you discover a seemingly unlit firework.

"I would treat it like a down wire," said Flood.

While July 4th approaches and skies begin to sparkle, authorities and business owners want to ensure safety twinkles in the back of celebrators' minds.

"There's no better way to celebrate the 'American way' then with fireworks. Apple pie, fireworks, they go together," said Spillane.

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