Experts Weigh in On Caterpillar Invasion in Old Saybrook

Thousands of gypsy moth caterpillars are invading some homes in Old Saybrook.

Experts said the reason for the droves of insects is because of the lack of rain in the prior seasons.

"Largely due to the fact we had such a dry Spring and because those rains didn't kick in. So the fungus didn't kick in. It needs those rains to get going," said Department of Entomology at the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Kirby Stafford.

"We had no warning. We had no idea this was going to happen," said homeowner Joe Flanagan.

Experts said the caterpillars are to blame for roughly a million acres of trees defoliated back in 1970.

Rain should take care of the problem, Stafford said. Homeowners are being asked to wait it out until the rain comes.

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