1 Employee Hurt in Explosion at Connecticut Natural Gas

One employee from Connecticut Natural Gas has been taken to the hospital to be treated for burns after an explosion at the facility on Meadow Street in East Hartford on Wednesday afternoon.

Company officials said a CNG employee was performing maintenance on a compressed natural gas vehicle refueling station outside just after noon when something caused a spark and ignited a fire.

The worker sustained minor injuries, including burns to his hands and torso, and was taken to Hartford Hospital. He is in stable condition and there is a chance he could be released today, company officials said.

According to CNG, the tanks vented properly to relieve the pressure, as they are supposed to in a situation like this.

Two CNG facilities in the area  were evacuated as a precaution for almost an hour as emergency crews responded and checked on the situation.

People in the area, including employees at Red Thread, reported hearing a loud boom and feeling buildings in the area shake.

Nearby businesses, including those on Hartland Street, were also evacuated but employees have been allowed to go back inside.

Explosion at Connecticut Natural Gas in East Hartford

Officials are investigating.

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