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Explosions Reported During Shed Fire in North Haven: Officials

Fire officials said propane tanks exploded during a shed fire in North Haven on Thursday.

Fire Chief Paul Januszewski said they received reports of an explosion in the area of Middletown Avenue. Responding crews saw the shed on fire.

There were people inside of the home at the time of the fire, but they were able to make it out safely. The shed is completely destroyed, but the fire chief says residents won't be displaced.

The fire melted part of the side of the house, according to Januszewski.

Officials didn't know if the propane tanks that exploded were inside or outside of the shed. The fire chief also noted that there were motorcycles in the area but he's unsure if they exploded as well or if they played a factor in the explosions.

No one was hurt. The blaze is now under control and the scene is clearing shortly.

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