Extra Police Vigilance in Connecticut After Orlando Shooting

Police departments in Connecticut are increasing vigilance in the wake of the shooting deaths of 50 people at a gay club in Orlando.

Police in Willimantic are getting ready for events that bring big crowds in coming weeks, including the Third Thursday Street Festivals and annual Boom Box Parade on July 4th.

"We put out a huge amount of law enforcement. The public may not see, but there's a huge increase in manpower, sometimes tripled and quadrupled for these events," Cpl. Stan Parizo said.

He added that people should enjoy themselves, but pay attention to your surroundings.

In New Haven, police chief Dean Esserman has ordered officers to focus on the city's public gathering places, especially nightclubs, concert halls, LGBTQ venues, theaters and public spaces.

"We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ community and our partners in policing as we denounce this deliberately perpetrated act of violence," Chief Esserman said in a statement. "Our community is a greatly diverse one and we are a police department that sees everyone equally."

There is no know threat of violence in Connecticut, but Esserman spoke with the Connecticut Special Agent in Charge at the FBI to gather information on the Orlando shooting, according to police. Esserman relayed that information to New Haven mayor Toni Harp, the president of the Board of Alders and the city's Chief of Staff and detailed the department's enhanced protection plan.

Hartford police are also keeping an eye on the situation.

"HPD analysts working closely with our Fed partners this morning," Dep. Chief Brian Foley tweeted on Sunday. "Monitoring our region. Monitoring our safety."

Foley went on to tweet that all citizens must take an active role in public safety.

"We all must be observant guardians of each other. If you see something. Say something," he said.

Officials from Waterbury police said they will focus on public gathering places, including theaters, night clubs and festivals. 

Waterbury police will also be working with representatives from the LBGTQ and Muslim communities.

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