Extra Security at Train Stations After NYC, New Jersey Blasts

Metro North and Amtrak have stepped up security following explosions in New York City and New Jersey and anyone traveling into those areas should expect some delays.

On Saturday, a blast in Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood injured 29 people. Early Monday morning, a bag found near an Elizabeth, New Jersey train station exploded as a bomb squad robot was trying to disarm it. 

A police presence is expected to be more visible at local train stations today. Metro North said it’s beefing up security at its stations and coordinating with local law enforcement.

Extra police officers, state troopers, and K9s were seen at New Haven's Union Station Monday morning. Some of the K9s were even brought on the train, which officials said is not typical.

Amtrak said that multiple lines are being delayed or canceled because of the explosion in New Jersey yesterday. Service was suspended throughout the region when the incident occurred.

New York City has an extra 1,000 police and National Guardsmen patrolling its streets.

Alan Jenson said his office is just feet away from where Saturday’s blast in Chelsea occurred.

"I wonder how safe we really can feel. I think it will be in the back of every New Yorkers' head for the rest of the year, right? How safe am I in my daily routines?" he said.

A spokesperson for the Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security says there is no credible threat to Connecticut, but state police remind residents to remain vigilant and report anything that seems out of the ordinary.

In a statement, Kelly Donnelly, a spokesperson for Governor Dannel Malloy, echoed that sentiment.

She went on to write, in part, “...Such incidents, or people who would cause harm, should never be allowed to disrupt our lives.”

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