Police Warn of Facebook Child Porn Virus Video

Several Farmington students have received the video virus, police said.

Police in several towns have issued a warning about a computer virus that involves a video on Facebook and the FBI is getting involved in the investigation.

According to Simsbury Police, the video is shared through Facebook and appears to be from a friend, though it is actually child pornography. 

Several Farmington High School students have received the video on their Facebook accounts, police said.

Once opened, the video virus automatically attaches to the user's Facebook account and shares the video with all of his or her Facebook friends.

NBC Connecticut viewers who have received the video say it doesn't appear to be child pornography before opening and contains the phrase "watch this if you're curious."

New Britain police posted the warning on the Department's Facebook page.  According to New Britain police, authorities in Farmington, Cromwell and Hartford have contacted the FBI about the video.

The school district did as well.

Avon schools also sent an email to parents and staff members about the Facebook virus threat.

"Although your child may not attend FHS (Farmington High School), other students or siblings in the area may have Facebook accounts that could be affected and we wanted to alert you of this situation immediately,"  Gary Mala, Avon superintendent, said in the email.  "The video is quite graphic and it will be very disturbing."

The Farmington School District also sent out an e-mail out.

“I’m very concerned that something like this would be circulating,” Supt. Kathleen Greider said.   

She emailed every parent and at least three other districts sent out alerts too.  That way parents could tell their students about the video, and not to click on video links.

“We wanted to get a communication out to them immediately,” Greider said.

Naugatuck police said they too have received a report.

The person who filed the complaint said she was scrolling through her news feed and found a post containing footage of a small child involved in a sex act.

Police ask anyone who sees these posts to immediately report them to police.

Facebook has released a statement, saying it has a zero tolerance for child pornography and is aggressively trying to remove it.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is trying to determine how the images got onto the Internet.

“My office has been in contact with Facebook about this video and the local reports that it has surfaced in Connecticut. Facebook has been very responsive to our requests for information and is working directly with the Federal Bureau of Investigation on this matter. The FBI has been aware of this particular video since 2005 and is seeking information on the unknown suspect. Anyone with information can contact an FBI investigator by email at RescueMe@ic.fbi.gov," Attorney General George Jepsen said in a statement.

The FBI is trying to determine who the man in the video is and said he is 180 to 200 pounds, has brown hair and a dark circular mark on his right forearm.

Police and school officials are asking parents to warn their children to be aware of the virus and not to open the video if they see it.

“I have asked Facebook for a report on its efforts to remove the video and have been told that it has taken the necessary steps to remove this video from its site. Facebook should be diligent in that regard.  Facebook has advised that, contrary to some reports, the video is not a virus, but is being spread through views and shares. If you see a suspicious video link in your newsfeed or on your timeline, do not view or share it. Report it to Facebook immediately, and delete it,” Jepsen said.

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