Faith-Based Groups Establish 2020 Census Initiative

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Community and state leaders are calling for the public to fill out their census, if they haven't done so already.

Faith-based groups are also working to get the word out including the Rehoboth Church of God in Bloomfield.

Rehoboth Church of God is one of the many churches working to get more members of their congregation to fill out their 2020 Census.

Church leadership has partnered together with local officials from the United States Census.

"We need to ensure that every family, every individual is counted because resources are allocated in our community," said LaKisha Hyatt, Executive Director of Ministries at Rehoboth Church of God. "These resources are going to truly be a blessing to families to schools, education, and to housing and those are critical areas that really enhance and develop our communities," she added.

Back in July, NBC Connecticut reported that the city of Hartford has one of the lowest response rates in the Northeast, and the Hartford Public Library is trying to change that, by taking their efforts out into the community.

"We needed to make sure that our congregation understood the magnitude of filling out the census and the importance of having your voice counted when it comes to necessary resources," said Bishop Jonathan Ramsey Jr of Rehoboth Church of God. "A lot of communities are left impoverished without the needed adequate medical resources," he said.

The U.S. Census has hired different church members as census representatives to help the community fill out their census.

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