Families Flock to Stores for Start of Tax Free Week

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Parents took advantage of the first day of Connecticut’s tax-free holiday, which kept the cash registers busy at the New Britain Target.

“Well, when you have kids, any money that you can save is very helpful, so we really take advantage of it,” Cara Paiuk, of West Hartford, said.

From shirts and shoes, to uniforms, most apparel under $100 is tax free through Saturday, Aug. 22.

“I have three children so when I’m shopping things add up. Without the taxes it makes a difference,” Erica Anderson, of Hartford, said.

Tangie Boyd filled up her cart with clothes for her 3-year-old daughter. She said this is the time to buy.

“You see the carriage pretty much full. On a regular day it wouldn’t be this packed,” Boyd said.

Your total at check-out can be over $100, but only items $99 or less will be tax-free. That’s a change from previous years, when tax-exempt items could cost up to $300 each.

“That’s too bad, but people are going to buy what they need to buy anyway,” Jessica Poon, of New Britain, pointed out.

Specialty clothing, athletic gear and accessories like belts and purses are not exempt from taxes. Shoppers say it’s still a pretty good bargain.

Connecticut is one of 18 states with a tax-free holiday.

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