Lake Compounce

Fireworks Light Up the Sky at Lake Compounce

Connecticut families gathered at Lake Compounce on Saturday night to view the fireworks show.

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A bright display of colors kicked-off the 4th of July Holiday weekend at Lake Compounce.

“For my whole life, I have been waiting to see fireworks here,” said Aaaliya Cruz.  

Some visitors came for the first time to see the fireworks shows. 

“My family members usually come here, my aunts, uncles,” said Luis Resto. 

While others returned to the amusement park to see the bright colors as a family tradition. 

“Sometimes it's crowded so we sit..find a little spot on the side. It's really fun. I love it,”  said Cathlyn Marinis. 

The 30-minute fireworks display is included with a daily admissions ticket of $54.99. 

“You can still get on the rides, enjoy the park, if you come early in the day, you can enjoy the water park and stay for fireworks as well,” said Marketing Director Lynsey Winters. 

The annual show is a favorite for many locals. 

“They come in with their family and then stay through the night. They get to ride the rides at night, which I know is a huge thing that people love with all the lights and everything,” explained Winters. 

There will be another 4th of July fireworks display Sunday at 9 p.m. In addition, the amusement park will be having a show every Saturday for the month of July. 

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