Families Head to Splash Pads to Deal With Heat

With another scorcher upon us, parents and children are heading to local splash pads to beat the heat. 

"Keeps them outside. Be outside without being too hot," Rebecca Huntsman, of West Hartford, said. 

Children aren't the only ones staying cool. Some splashers are getting their parents wet by splashing and pouring water on them. 

"The air conditioning in our house can only do so much,” Kristina Lee, of West Hartford, said. 

Lee and her little ones came prepared. The family brought food to eat and had techniques to keep even the smallest of temperatures down. 

"I brought snacks, I brought water. I made sure the baby got into the splash pad as well so she stays cool. We definitely don't want anyone overheating today," Lee said. 

Whether under a sprinkling palm tree or filling buckets to the brim, parents said beating the heat with water is the most fun way to do it.

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