Families React to State Guidance on Halloween

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There may not be many trick-or-treaters out in Connecticut this Halloween, but parents say they will still find ways to celebrate the holiday.

The state Department of Public Health issued guidance Thursday cautioning against certain high-risk activities, including traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating, ahead of the holiday. Instead, the CDC and CT DPH recommends participating in one-way trick-or-treating where goodie bags or a large bowl of candy are placed outside of your home for families to grab and go while continuing to social distance.

Many people who spoke with NBC Connecticut said they understood the recommendations were about safety, first and foremost.

"Halloween is a big time for us in this neighborhood. We get thousands of people who come here," said Vince Proto of Wallingford.

Proto, one of several homeowners on Wallingford’s North Main who engages in extravagant Halloween decorations each year, said they'll be scaling back this year.

"The last thing we want is people coming in groups and congregating at all of our houses," Proto said, pointing out that he wants to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

"We’ll see you next year. We’ll be here big time. Don’t forget us. We won’t forget you!" He said with a laugh.

Shanna Miller, who lives in Hartford, said she thinks the governor has a responsibility to keep everyone safe, and that she feels the state guidance was the right direction. She's going to find other ways to keep her kids entertained.

"We won’t deprive them of the holiday completely. We will do something paired down. I’m sure they’ll be eating some sweets and we’ll plan some fun activity," she told NBC Connecticut.

"If we can put buckets on our door steps, saying how much they want to take, they can just take that much," said 9-year-old Johnny Lalles of Bristol, who took the news in stride.

According to the guidelines, large Halloween parties, parades and haunted houses are also not advised. Indoor Halloween gatherings larger than 25 people could result in a $250 fine for those attending and $500 for the host.

For more details on the state Halloween guidelines, click here.

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