Families Leave Florida, Head North and Away from Dorian

As Hurricane Dorian picks up in intensity and continues moving toward Florida, some people are flying north. 

Prior to leaving Florida, they prepped their homes as much as possible. 

Tim Killion flew from Orlando to Bradley International Airport on Friday morning. 

“Pulled in all the furniture from outside. It’s all in the house now, locked everything up, put hurricane shutters down,” Killion said. 

He lives about 10 minutes from the beach in Melbourne, Florida and gave those keys to friends with beachside homes so they can stay there. 

On the west coast, people are also concerned and unsure of how Dorian will affect them. 

The last major hurricane family from Sarasota endured was Irma two years ago. 

“We’re concerned just about how much rain we’re going to get. We’re going to get some sort of impact from it even though we’re all the way on the west side. Two years ago, when Irma hit, it hit right where we were, so I think a lot of people are planning ahead now and taking precautions earlier on just in case,” they said. 

In addition to being worried about their homes, passengers are also concerned about having to reschedule their return flights early next week. 

Several airlines, including Southwest, Spirit and JetBlue are offering to waive fees to change or cancel flights.

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