Family Finds Dog Jax That Ran Away on Christmas at Rocky Neck State Park

A missing dog who escaped his harness at Rocky Neck State Park in East Lyme on Christmas was found alive but injured on Monday.

The Feltman family dog, Jax, is a 2-year-old rescued Chihuaha mix and gets nervous around strangers. He slipped out of his harness at the park and ran off.

The family hired a Jamie Genereux, who runs a Rhode Island company called Pack Leader Pet Trackers, which had two tracking dogs smell Jax's harness to pick up his scent.

The dogs tracked Jax to a residential area across from Rocky Neck beach, about a mile from where he ran off, according to his owner, Idelle Feltman.

She said Jax ran along railroad tracks to get there. He was found with injuries, including a bloody wound in his right eye, which may have to be removed, according to Feltman. It's not clear what caused the eye injury.

Feltman said her daughter is setting up a GoFundMe page to help cover Jax's medical expenses. The dog is being treated at an animal hospital in Cheshire. Click here to donate.

The pet tracking service cost the family about $600, but won't be included in the GoFundMe campaign.

The Feltmans got Jax at the rescue in Plainville that has shut down, so she said that they don't have access to the paperwork for his history.

The Feltmans also asked NBC Connecticut for help spreading the word. Our viewers shared Jax's story more than 2,000 times.

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