Family Heirloom May Have Been Mistaken For Trash

A Spring Glen family is asking that a handmade family  heirloom be returned.

Ronald Zacks of Thornton St. tells the New Haven Register his family left some items left at the curb, but when they came back 20 minutes later, the items including a 4-foot-by-2 1/2-foot wood table were gone.

Zacks said the wood table has a birch top and walnut edges, frame and legs. The legs are separated by a block of wood and joined by a dowel. He’s even offering a $50 reward to whoever returns it.

“I made it. It’s a one-of-a-kind design. It was a challenge to make it without nails,” he told the newspaper.

Zacks built the table almost 40 years ago while taking an adult education woodworking class at Hamden High School.

The table along with a charcoal grill and a galvanized steel tub were taken to the curb Monday morning as the family prepared to move them to Maryland. But when the family returned from breakfast, they were gone.

Trash collection is not on Monday and bulk pickup is only in April and October.

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