Family of 2 Girls Who Died in Bristol Crash Disputes Police Account

The family of the two young girls who died in a Connecticut car crash over the weekend told NBC Connecticut that the police admit they were wrong on who caused the crash.

Police originally faulted the girls' mother, Kayla Torres, who was driving and survived the accident in Bristol just after midnight on Sunday, Dec. 13.

Bristol Police told NBC Connecticut at the time of the accident that Kayla's Nissan Sentra crossed the yellow line, but a passenger in the car said their account was not true.

"For some reason the Nissan Sentra that was traveling northbound crossed over the double yellow line and struck an oncoming car at this time it’s still under investigation as to why it actually happened," Lt. Richard Guerrera said.

Miguel Melendez, the front seat passenger and cousin of the driver of that Sentra, told NBC Connecticut it was another car that crossed over the yellow line.

"A car was coming at us and she tried to avoid it and they hit us. She tried. They tried to correct themselves and they came right at us, that’s the only reason she went over the line."

Miguel was in the car with 7-year-old Veronica and 4-year-old Yvette Martinez who died in the accident.

Torres was taken to the hospital after the crash and is now recovering at home.

According to family members police have recently spoken to them to let them know it was not Kayla who crossed the line, but a 2002 Ford Windstar that was involved in the crash.

The 26-year-old driver of the Windstar has not been charged in the crash and police continue to investigate exactly what happened.

Police did not agree to an on camera interview with NBC Connecticut Thursday and will not confirm whether the information they previously gave to us this week was incorrect, but they say they have been able to interview more people since we last spoke with them. The crash is still under investigation.

NBC Connecticut has also learned Torres has hired an attorney.

"At this time we are asking everyone to respect the privacy of Ms.Torres and her family as she continues to deal with this tragic loss. Once the investigation is concluded, we will be happy to speak further on the matter," said Attorney Joseph McDonald. "We will say that when the investigation is concluded that it will show Ms. Torres was in no way responsible for this accident."

A vigil in memory of Veronica and Yvette is scheduled tomorrow at Casie Field in Bristol at 6 PM.

Their funeral service will be held Monday 9:30 AM at Erickson and Hansen funeral home in New Britain.

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