Jennifer Dulos

Family of Missing Mom Jennifer Dulos Responds to Young Boy Offering His Savings as Reward

An offer from a 7-year-old Wethersfield boy to donate his savings as a reward to help find a missing woman has touched Jennifer Dulos’ family and friends, but they are asking that people looking to help in the search for the mom of five provide information but not offer rewards or establish funds.

Seven-year-old Riley Daigle was watching the news at his grandmother’s house and saw the story that Jennifer Dulos was missing and there was an extensive search to find her.

That inspired him to do something to help search for her, so he went home and told his mother he wanted to help.

“I just realize what a big heart he has and I didn’t realize how a 7-year-old could be affected by something like this and it affects everybody, including children,” his mother, Danielle Daigle said.

Then Riley thought about raising money for a reward.

“He said, ‘Money will make somebody talk and it’s crazy how a 7-year-old could figure that out,” Riley’s mom said.

So Riley gathered $500 saved for a trip to Disney World.

“I want to give up my money to find her,” said Riley, who hopes to become a police officer when he grows up.

His offer moved Jennifer Dulos’ family and they have responded.

“This is the kindest act imaginable: a 7-year-old-boy from Wethersfield, CT, has offered his savings as a reward to help find Jennifer Farber Dulos. His selflessness and generosity have touched our hearts. A little child shall lead them,” a statement from Carrie Luft, on behalf of the family and friends of Jennifer Farber Dulos, says.

“The impact of Jennifer’s disappearance on her five young children, family, and friends is affecting many people in similar ways. We urge this young man to keep his savings, but we honor his impulse. This is about more than a reward — it is a call to do something,” the statement issued Thursday morning says.

The family is asking that no financial rewards or funds be established at this time, but they are asking anyone with information reach out to police and provide any information they have.

“At this time, the police are best equipped to conduct searches for Jennifer. Citizens can help most by providing information. Please, if you have any knowledge about Jennifer’s disappearance or her whereabouts, email the New Canaan Police Department’s dedicated tip line at or call (203) 594-3544. Follow this young man’s lead and take action. Thank you.”

Dulos has been missing since May 24 and the search for her spans several towns. As police search for Jennifer and clues about what happened to her, police have also set up a dedicated website.

Her family said New Canaan Police and the Connecticut State Police are not looking for volunteer search parties to assist in the search for Jennifer at this time. 

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