Family Questions Chase, Crash

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Donald Young, 32, of Hartford is in critical condition at St. Francis Hospital’s ICU.  His family says he’s suffering from broken arms, a broken wrist and a hole in his head as a result of a Monday afternoon car crash near the intersection of Clark and Nelson Streets in Hartford.

“Couple of young ladies ran down the street to my house and they told me, “You’re son was in an accident and he’s dangling out the car window,” said Sidney Young, Donald’s father.

However, Sidney Young says when he got to the scene of the crash, no one would tell him what was going on.  “I’m looking at the car.  I’m looking at the motor sitting on the sidewalk and I’m saying, ‘Geez, he’s got to be hurt really bad.’  I’m even afraid he might be gone, but I couldn’t get no answers.  That’s the frustrating part.  I couldn’t get no answers from anyone,” he said.

Neighbors and police have two different stories about how the accident occurred.  Neighbors say a cruiser was chasing after a fleeing Pontiac without its siren on.

“I was told that the police rammed the black car which hit him, knocking his car back the way it did,” said Sidney Young.
However, police say they stopped chasing the Pontiac a block a way when things got dangerous.  It was the Pontiac, which was driving erratically, that hit into the Ford Focus.

Police took the driver of the Pontiac, Tynisha May, 23, and her passenger Kewaun Woodson, 18, into custody on a number of charges.  May’s one-year-old daughter, who was also in the car, was placed in DCF custody. 

But Young’s family says the arrests don’t bring justice to their family.  “My brother didn’t get hit because of what the people were doing.  My brother got hit because the police were chasing them, and then that car in turn hit my brother, and that’s not ok,” said Dramesha Young, Donald’s sister.

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