Family Responds to Jail House Interview

Cynthia Hawke-Renn is responding to Joshua Komisarjevsky's interview.

When Joshua Komisarjevsky agreed to his first jailhouse interview, the Connecticut Department of Correction called Cynthia Hawke-Renn at her North Carolina home to tell her that her sister's killer would be speaking to an Associated Press reporter.  She said her family questioned why.

“Who wants to read about what he has to say now? Or how he's feeling about being in prison?” Hawke-Renn asked. 

Komisarjevsky has spent the last five months on death row after being sentenced for murdering Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters, Hayley and Michaela, in 2007. 

Associated Press reporter John Christoffersen said Komisarjevsky has physically changed in that time, putting on an additional 30 to 40 pounds.

Komisarjevsky told the AP he tries to keep busy behind bars by writing, reading and drawing. He tries not to think about the murders and didn't offer any statements of remorse.

“He said his reaction isn't what society might expect it to be. He did go on to say that every one of us has to get up every day and look in the mirror,” Christoffersen said.

That doesn't surprise Cynthia Hawke-Renn, who said her family has never heard an apology, nor does she expect one from the killer.

“I often wonder what would you want someone to do if they did that to your daughter? Would you want an apology? Would you expect one? And I can't say I've expected anything from him,” Hawke-Renn said.

Hawke-Renn also said it’s about time that Komisarjevsky is being punished for his crimes because her family is punished every day they don’t get to spend with their loved ones.

“He doesn't have nightmares, but I have nightmares and I can't stop thinking about it. I wish I could. And I think it's really sad that he doesn't have a conscience and have remorse and apologize to my brother-in-law or my parents,” said Hawke-Renn.

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