Family Reunited With Lost Cat After Three Years Apart

Dooley the cat was reunited with his family with help from a concerned stranger, animal control, and a microchip.

It was an unexpected reunion. Dooley the cat went missing three years ago, but now he’s finally come home.

His owner says a concerned stranger, animal control, and a microchip helped bring them together again.

“I went over and saw him and immediately, immediately I knew it was Dooley. I knew,” said owner Suzanne Monnes.

Monnes says Dooley knew her too. It took three years, but the pair are finally reunited. Monnes and her husband adopted Dooley as a rescue when they lived in Florida. They were moving back to Connecticut in 2016 when Dooley made his escape in Madison.

“We put up flyers, and we had posters made. We called the police, and we did all the things you’re supposed to do. We never heard a thing. Nothing,” said Monnes.

After months passed, Monnes gave up hope but kept some of Dooley’s things, wondering if they’d get another pet in the future. But no cat could measure up to Dooley. Then last Friday a concerned citizen called animal control after seeing a hungry cat roaming around Madison. Monnes says the animal control officer thought Dooley looked familiar. After scrolling through old Facebook posts for missing pets, a match was found. Monnes was notified and immediately recognized Dooley, but there were questions from some wondering if it could be the same cat.

“I said, by the way, Dooley has a chip, a microchip,” said Monnes. “The minute they scanned him, they knew it was Dooley, and I got something on my phone from the American Kennel Club Reunite Program saying my cat had been found in Madison.”

Monnes says she got Dooley chipped in Florida when her vet there recommended it, and she didn’t give it much thought. Now she says she’s glad she had it done.

“Every pet owner should have a chip,” said Monnes.

The vet told Monnes someone must have been looking out for Dooley because he couldn’t have survived so many winters alone.

“It's absolutely amazing. It really is, and he's in perfect condition. There isn't a flea, there's nothing. It's unbelievable ,” said Monnes.

Since the reunion, there have been quite a few trips to the pet store to add to 5-year-old Dooley’s collection of toys. Both owner and pet are happy to be back together after spending so much time apart.

“He’s settled just right in, sleeps wherever he wants. What’s not to like, right? Except he can’t be outside, right? Obviously,” said Monnes.

If you’d like to learn about the AKC Reunite Microchip program, head here:

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