Family Seeks Answers in Man's Death

William Young was found dead in a river in New Haven in February.

When William Young disappeared on Jan. 8, his family knew something was wrong.

“When he didn't come home that night, didn't show up the next day, we started feeling funny, we started calling his phone, he wasn't answering,” said Joseph Payne, Young’s stepfather.

The family called police and alerts were sent out to the community, asking for information on Young's whereabouts. Five weeks later, his body was found in the Mill River, just off Orange Street in New Haven. Police ruled the death suspicious.

“For him to pop up dead, go missing for five weeks, then pop up dead in the river, it hurts, because we still to this day don't know what happened, or how long he's been dead,” said Shijuan Young, William Young’s brother.

Young's family doesn't believe he was having any problems with anyone and can't imagine how the aspiring rapper died.

“What happened to my brother is wrong. He was a good person, he was a father of two beautiful children,” said Shijuan Young.

His family is now asking the public to help them find out how and why Young's body was found in the river, so they can find a little closure in such a heartbreaking situation.

“He's resting, you know what I'm saying, but he's not in peace. As soon as this gets resolved, then he'll be resting in peace,” said Charlestine Young, William Young’s mother.

Police ask anyone with information on Young’s death to call them. Tips can remain anonymous.

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