Family Trying to Win Bike for Son With Rare Genetic Disorder

Cole Kubicza is one of the happiest 9-year-olds you'll meet, and it's actually a symptom of Angelman Syndrome. The genetic disorder also causes seizures, developmental delay, and sleeplessness.

"He's also non-verbal. He doesn't speak at all. Finding out what's wrong, what's bothering him, those are all very difficult," said Cole's mom, Jennifer Kubicza.

The Kubicza family has found ways to communicate. There's a speaker that Cole uses that has buttons. It allows him to let others know what he needs, like if he's thirsty or tired. While he also struggles to move around, he's an absolute pro on a bike.

"It's probably one of his most favorite things to do, and it's been a challenge because we haven't been able to get one for home," said Kubicza.

Cole needs an adaptive bike, but it can cost thousands of dollars. He's been able to ride them at school and physical therapy, but having one at home would mean getting to ride outside with his brother.

"In the summer he could get outside and play more outside with me," said Lincoln Kubicza, Cole's brother.

"Because of his disabilities, there's a lot of things [Cole] can't do easily. So something like riding a bike for him would be a great experience for the summer, to be able to do something outside with his brother rather than being stuck inside," said Kubicza.

The family signed up for the Great Bike Giveaway, created by Friendship Circle. The Kubiczas hope you'll vote for Cole. There are two ways to win. You either receive the most votes or win the random drawing. If they don't have luck with either of those, they can fundraise up to a discounted amount to receive a bike. They're already more than halfway there.

"It would totally change his summer to have a bike," said Kubicza.

It's also a way for Cole to do something he loves all on his own.

"Something that, you know, he doesn't need help with. He can pedal the bike. He can learn to steer the bike, so it would be pretty amazing for him to have that," said Kubicza.

The family says it's also important for them to raise awareness about Angelman Syndrome.

The contest ends February 27th at noon. If you would like to vote for Cole or donate, head here.

If you'd like to learn more about Angelman Syndrome, click here.

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