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Family Visits North Haven Detective Who Saved Their Newborn a Year Ago

North Haven Police Department

A family visited a North Haven detective on Monday for a reunion one year after he saved their newborn's life.

Police said on March 2, 2019, Nicole Brown-Buchanan rushed out of a movie theater with her newborn baby Eimaan, who wasn't breathing.

North Haven Police Detective Michael Harton was working a detail at the theatre and rushed to save the baby.

According to police, Detective Harton took Eimaan from Brown-Buchanan and performed life-saving measures to revive the baby.

On Monday, Brown-Buchanan and now one-year-old Eimaan surprised Detective Harton at his job for a one year reunion.

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Courtesy: North Haven Police Department

"It's moments like this that make it all worth it," Detective Harton said of the reunion.

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