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Famous Annabelle Doll to Be Shown at Paracon Convention at Mohegan Sun

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Here's an exclusive look inside the Warrens Occult Museum. In two months, several of these alleged haunted items will be on display at Mohegan Sun for the annual Paracon Convention.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were paranormal investigators who worked on several infamous cases of reported hauntings including Amityville and Annabelle.

The couple housed several items at the Occult Museum in Monroe, which is attached to their home.

The Annabelle doll, which is rarely moved, was placed in a travel case in front of our cameras. The lead investigator used gloves because they believe the doll is haunted.

The Warrens' son-in-law Tony Spera, who took over the family business, says the event is a good way to educate the public and keep the Warrens' legacy alive. The museum is now closed because of zoning issues.

The Warren's Seekers of the Supernatural Paracon will be held on Oct. 29 and Oct. 30 at the Earth Ballroom at Mohegan Sun. You can get tickets here.

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