Fan Catches Foul Ball in Beer Cup

A man was drenched but he was a good sport.

A fan in the stands at Fenway on Tuesday night is now an Internet celebrity after catching a foul ball in his beer cup.

Padres catcher Nick Hudley sent the ball flying behind him, into the stands and into the fan's cup. 

The fan happens to be hockey player Gerry Burke, of Milton, Massachusetts. He played for Brown University then played professional hockey. 

Brown's athletic department confirmed that the man who made the impressive catch in the stands is their former star defenseman.

Burke played hockey for the Quad City Flames and Las Vegas Wranglers, according to his biography on the American Hockey League Web site

Burke was a good sport as beer was splattered down his button down shirt and on his dress pants. He stood up, raised his cup to the crowd and proceeded to drink from it. Now, he can add beer-cup catching to his list of sports accomplishments.

The Red Sox lost the game to the Padres, 5-4.

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