Fans Soak Up Rainy Travelers Championship

Mother Nature was one of the golfer’s greatest competitors at the Travelers Championship at TPC River Highlands in Cromwell Thursday.

The fans battled the wet grass and muddy walkways too.

But that didn't stop people from coming out to enjoy the tournament.

This is the first Traveler’s Championship for brothers Colin and Ryan from Seymour.

“You get to see them hit it in the hole. You get to see them hit the ball. All sorts of fun stuff,” said 9-year-old Colin.

They’re learning tips from watching the pros.

“I used to hit it like that and now I just go all the way back,” said Colin showing off his swing.

The soggy weather is the last thing on their minds as they soak it all up.

“It’s a good fun trip and of course you get to see some guys who get to hit the ball,” said Josh Eckhardt who traveled from Maine to watch the competition.

“You get to walk around and enjoy the weather and the scene,” said Lloyd Benjamin from New Hampshire pausing while looking the rain clouds.

Tow truck drivers have met lots of new friends.

They’ve had to help some fans get their cars out of the mud.

“I met someone from North Carolina yesterday, another guy from Florida, there’s another guy whose Spainaird but he travels all over the world. I mean it’s a huge event,” said Tyrone Rivers, two truck driver for Lemore’s Service Center out of Wethersfield.

“It’s awesome. It’s close. My favorite part about it with the kids is just how kid friendly they are,” said Eric Wolf of Seymore.

Best spectating advice, don’t wear your best Sunday shoes to the tournament.

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