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Fans Optimistic Lady Huskies Wil Make Strong Push in NCAA Tournament

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Husky fans turned out at Gampel Pavilion Saturday to watch the women’s team dominate in their first round game against Vermont.

On UConn’s campus, basketball is on the minds of basically everyone.

After the men’s team won their game, it was now the women’s turn. Fans say they didn’t disappoint.

Compared to yesterday, where there was a little uncertainty with the men’s team at certain points, fans today say they were confident from the get-go that the women’s team would win in a blowout, which they did, winning by more than forty points.

Many of them say UConn has to be considered one of the favorites and has the talent to compete. While they expect the games to be much closer, deeper in the tournament, the game today…

“They have good spirit despite they many injuries they have suffered this year. They’ve faced adversity and have been pushing further,” UConn senior Michael Fierrazanti tells us.

“They’re the UConn women’s team of old. When I say old, I mean the previous season where they’ve really come together and not lately, so I’m very pleased with their performance,” Bloomfield resident Nick kovacik says.

The Huskies will now face the winner of the Baylor-Alabama game on Monday.

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