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Fans React to Tom Brady's Retirement Announcement

As expected, there's always mixed reaction in Connecticut a state torn between cheering for New England and New York sports teams.

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Tom Brady announced his retirement Tuesday, confirming reports from the weekend that he was ending his NFL career after 22 seasons.

Love him or hate him, football fans in Connecticut had a lot to say about it, especially in our divided state between New England and New York sports fans.

“Honestly it’s a shame. He was such an amazing player. My family has been lifelong Patriots fans and it’s just sad to see him go, even if he’s not with the Patriots anymore honestly,” said Lindon Dauti, of West Hartford. “There’s going to be people who say, 'I hate Brady so much. He’s horrible, I hate the Pats,' and then there’s people like me.”

“I think he should retire. I am a Giants fan. However, I like him more when he’s in Tampa because I’m not a Patriots fan. I think he’s had a great career,” said Brittany O’Neill, of West Hartford.

Outside of Dick’s Sporting Goods in Farmington, New England pride was seen loud and proud.

“He’s probably the last of the great quarterbacks. You’ll never see this again, you’ll never see any quarterback, I don’t care if it’s Mahomes or Burrows, or anybody, that’s going to get 7 championships nobody will, the way the NFL is stacked now,” said Billy Swenor, of East Hampton, Massachusetts.

In Enfield, we heard similar sentiments.

“I’m a Raiders fan so you might not want to ask me. He’s still the GOAT. You’ve got to give him credit -- a man that’s been around that long and played that level, it’s great,” said Scott Rogers, of East Longmeadow, Massachusetts.

“Brady is not really my guy, but I have all the respect in the world for him,” said Chadd Balfour, of Bloomfield.

Although other Pats fans are still a little sour, he went south.

“Tom Brady should have retired a couple years ago when he was still playing for the Patriots end it on a high note,” said Ed Durkee, of West Springfield, Massachusetts.

Others we spoke to weren’t pleased that there was no shout out to Pats Nation in Brady’s initial goodbye post on social media.

“He should have maybe recognized the Patriots, but you know, I still love him. He brought us home 6 championships. I can’t say much else,” said Chris Duby, of Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Because of Brady, football fans have memories they will hold on to forever whether your favorite team won or lost.

“Probably Snow Bowl ‘01, that’s when we realized who Tom was and how great he was,” said Swenor.

“Oh yeah, that Falcons comeback was amazing,” said Durkee.

“I remember the first game he came in for Bledsoe and he played, I watched him all the way through, so it’s like some of my childhood is gone,” said Balfour.

Whatever your take, it’s tough to deny talent.

NBC Connecticut’s Caitlin Burchill asked, “One word to describe Tom Brady, what would you say?”

“A legend. Legend. There is no other word for him,” said Swenor.

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