New England

Farmers' Almanac Predicts Cold, Snowy Winter for New England

We may be sweltering in the heat of the end of August, but we're in for a brutal winter, if you put your faith in the Farmers' Almanac.

The publication puts out a long-range weather outlook each year and this year it's predicting a colder than normal winter with "plenty of snow" for New England.

In fact, the Farmers' Almanac predicts above-normal snowfall for us, as well as areas of the Great Lakes, Midwest, and the Pacific Northwest.

The bitter cold will kick in mid-February with an Arctic cold front ushering in bitter winds, the publication predicts.

Your Snowy Nor'easter Highlights

According to its website, the Farmers' Almanac bases its forecasts on a mathematical and astronomical formula devised in 1818.

NBC Connecticut Chief Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan says modern forecasting models are much more reliable and that while the Farmers' Almanac is fun to look at, its predictions are not based on science.

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