Farmington Polo Club Wraps Up Successful 2019 Season

The Farmington Polo Club concluded its second full season on Saturday with the Tito’s Town Cup. Team Ceder View defeated Team Tito’s in the championship match.

“I live for the hour or two hours I’m on the field,” said Director of the Farmington Polo Club Heather Souto. “It’s exhilarating.”

The club gives back to the community too, helping raise $16,000 for the towns of Avon and Farmington.

“It feels really great,” said Souto. “All season long we’ve had a high concentration on being able to donate to different charities. It’s really been an amazing season.”

The people who came out to the events each weekend helped make the season such a success.

“I can’t say enough about the community,” said Souto. “Everyone has opened their arms, they’ve helped us out. It’s awesome.”

“Connecticut and the Farmington area should be proud of it and should be very happy to have this quality of event here,” said Estani Buch, who won the MVP of the final match.

Spectators also enjoyed the opportunity to watch the talented athletes in action.

“Amazing to try and control the horses, hit the ball and go that fast,” said polo fan Kershwin Singh. “It was really amazing.”

The polo players on the field are quick to point out how important the horses are to their success.

“They are a really big part of the game so we take really good care of them,” said Buch.

“The horses are 70 percent of the game. If you don’t have a great horse, you don’t have a play,” added Souto. “A good quality horse that’s out here today has had at least three years of experience.”

The Farmington Polo Club will begin its third full season in June of 2020.

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