Farmington Racial Equality Task Force Member Targeted With Racist Mail

farmington police cruiser
NBC Connecticut

A member of the Racial Equality Task Force in Farmington received racist mail, according to the Town Council, which denounced the act Tuesday.

The victim received the letter Sunday, according to Farmington police, who are investigating. Police said they are working with the US Postal Service to track down the sender.

The Town Council did not provide details on what the letter contained, but called it a "malicious and disgusting display of racism."

"The actions of this individual are not a representation of the Farmington Community and we feel it is imperative that the Town publicly and vehemently denounce this behavior and take all available action. We stand with the victim of this hateful act and with the entire Black community of Farmington," a statement from the Town Council read.

Anyone with information should contact Detective Blumetti at the Farmington Police Department at 860-675-2462.

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