Farmington’s J.R. Reaves Wants to Be CT’s Biggest Loser

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J.R. Reaves of Farmington is 27 years old and has battled his weight all his life, but he wants that to end now as he prepares for the next chapter in his life -- marriage.

"I've always been a big person. I've never been really skinny," Reaves said.

In high school, he was at his thinnest, but in the years since the weight has piled on.

"I never really paid attention that I was getting bigger and bigger. But I know that it's unhealthy and I definitely need to come down."

There are plenty of reasons why he should.

"I really can't go into the mall to buy clothes, which I would really like to do. There are different designers that I would want to wear but I can't wear because I have to lose weight," he said.

He's also on high blood pressure medication and has arthritis in his feet. But, perhaps, his biggest incentive to lose weight is what's happening in a couple months.

"October 3rd, we're getting married. So, I just want to look good in my tux. I want to look good in my pictures," he said.

His fiancee, Katie Cowell, wants him to be healthy long after the wedding.

"I love him for who he is now. He has the best personality of anyone I know in my life, but just to know he'll be there in the long run with a healthy, happy good attitude of looking down the road for nutrition and health that would just make me so happy," Cowell said.

J.R. knows losing the weight is critical for their future together.

"I want to be around. I want to have kids. I want to travel the world. I don’t want to get on the airplane and have to pay for double seats just to go to Europe," he said.

"I always say I want to end up in the nursing home with you in the wheelchair at 95 just hanging out just reflecting back on our life," Cowell said.

With Katie's support, J.R.’s determined to become Connecticut's biggest loser.

"Like they say, there's no pain, no gain. So, I'm ready for it," he said.

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