Teacher Killed in Crash Died of Blunt Trauma

Patricia Rosoff, a 64-year-old Kingswood Oxford School teacher, who was killed in a car crash in West Hartford on Tuesday morning died of blunt trauma, according to police. 

Rosoff was on her way to school on Tuesday morning when her car and a school bus carrying Conard High School students collided at Boulevard and Mountain Road, according to police.

Police are continuing to investigate the crash and said they cannot determine whether the angle of the sun was a factor in the collision.

Investigators have found no mechanical issues or brake trouble with the school bus, no drugs or alcohol, and nothing to indicate why the vehicles collided.

There is no evidence of excessive speed and the traffic lights were functioning properly.

"We're gonna look at everything and investigate it thoroughly before we will come to the conclusion of what happened," said Capt. Jeffrey Rose, commander of the traffic division of West Hartford police.

Capt. Rose said the strongest part of the school bus, the front end, collided with the weakest part of the victim's car, the driver's door. 

Police returned to the scene on Thursday morning to see if the angle of the sun was a problem.

They found that it was sunny at the time of day the crash happened. The sun was at a low angle and visible at times, but obscured by trees at others. 

It is inconclusive whether the sun angle was a factor in the crash. 

Four witnesses have told police what they saw.  Capt. Rose said all of them were on Mountain Road and he'd like to hear from anyone who was on the Boulevard at the time of the crash.

Rosoff taught art, art history, and English at Kingswood-Oxford School for 39 years. 

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