Fatal Hit and Run Renews Unsafe Street Concerns

A fatal hit and run in New Haven over the weekend is renewing concerns over unsafe streets in the Elm City. Residents are speaking out once again and this time they're demanding action.

“We need to have bigger consequences, bigger tickets, more police presence,” these are the things people like Ashley Griffin say would've slowed down the driver that slammed into this SUV Saturday night at Mansfield and Division Streets.

Police say the impact flipped the car over, killing 17-month-old Montez Stanley Jr.. His 17-year-old mother remains in critical condition with major spinal injuries at Yale New Haven Hospital.

“It’s just beyond insult to injury to have somebody kill a child…and then keep going, I don't understand it,” says Griffin who drives in and out of New Haven everyday to her child’s school. In her eyes the solution is a citywide slow-down.

To that end Ward 19 Alderwomen Alfreda Edwards organizes traffic safety meetings where residents can voice their concerns to a representative from the City’s Department of Transportation.

“People seem to be living in their own little bubble and they're racing by schools and neighborhoods with no regard to the people the live there,” says Griffin.

Another example of disregard for life is an unsolved hit and run from last June where 11-year-old Gabrielle Lee was killed on Whalley Avenue.

“When someone runs a red like that and smashes into someone and takes off, that's a total breakdown in terms of how they're responsible to other people on the road,” says longtime New Haven resident Mathew Nemerson.

The type of car police are looking for in connection with the latest hit and run is a dark blue Mercedes Benz, CLK-320 Coupe, possibly with front end damage.

Police say the toddlers mother suffered major spine injuries in the crash and remains in critical condition. Anyone with information on the driver is asked to give The New Haven Police Department a call.

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