Father Accused of Assaulting Crossing Guard at Elementary School in Thompson

Rocky Navarro is recovering after a parent hit him with a car and attacked him, according to police.

A father from Thompson is accused of hitting a crossing guard with his car at an elementary school Monday morning, then continuing to assault the elderly man until other people intervened, according to state police.

Supt. Melina Smith sent a letter to families Monday that says it happened during arrival time at the Mary R. Fisher Elementary School.

State police have identified the suspect as 31-year-old Jason Beshaw, a parent from Thompson.

Smith’s letter said the driver tried to bypass the traffic flow and the crossing guard tried to stop the car.

That crossing guard, Rocky Navarro, said in that moment he was worried about the kids.

“He gave me the bird and then he turns his wheel and he starts coming the other way. And I say, ‘He’s going to hit the kids.’ So I moved. He clipped my leg and I ended up on the hood of his car. I was afraid I was going to slide off the hood of the car and land in front of the car. He come out of the car. He comes as he grabs me, pops me in the face,” Navarro said.

He told NBC Connecticut the suspect had him on the ground. Other parents saw what was happening and rushed to help. A school security officer stepped in to hold Beeshaw until Connecticut State Police arrived on scene to arrest him.

“I said, 'How did they break it up?' Well it was one of the witnesses, a girl, came and went up to the guy and said, 'Knock it off.' The guy said to me, said to them, ‘Oh, he scared me.’ Like if I scared him standing in the road,'" Navarro said.

Navarro said one of the witnesses was a paramedic and she cleaned him up. He was taken to Day Kimball Hospital and x-rays and a CT scan determined he had no broken bones or serious injuries, just some cuts and bad bruises.

He said he has had previous issues with Beshaw. But despite the attack, he plans to go back to work after he’s rested up.

“I just like to help people and stuff like that there.”

Beshaw was charged with third-degree assault of an elderly victim, breach of peace in the second degree, reckless endangerment in the second degree and risk of injury to a child.

Bond was set at $10,000. He is due in court in Danielson today.

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