Drunken Dad Leaves Kids Home Alone, Bangs on Neighbor's Door: Cops

A father is facing charges after police said he drunkenly was banging on a neighbor's door while he left his young children home unattended.

Police arrested Ariel Aparicio-Jarro, 49, of Westport, early Monday morning on charges of breach of peace and two counts of risk of injury to a child. He is accused of leaving his 3- and 9-year-old children home alone during the incident.

Westport police responded to a home on Sniffen Road early Monday morning after the homeowner reported someone banging on his door and screaming to be let in at about 1:30 a.m., police said.

When police arrived, Aparicio-Jarro was walking outside around the home and appeared to be intoxicated, police said.

Aparicio-Jarro lives in the neighborhood and his children were left at home unsupervised during the situation.

Aparicio-Jarro couldn't post his $1,000 bond, police said. He is scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 10.

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