FBI Busts up Drug Ring, Shoots Man

34 arrested in early morning raids in Bridgeport

Special Agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation conducted raids in several locations in Bridgeport early Wednesday morning, taking down an apparent drug ring. 

Thirty-four individuals were arrested in the raids, according to the U.S. Attorney's office.  Charges include possession and distribution of cocaine, crack cocaine and heroin throughout Bridgeport and Fairfield County.  It's the culmination of a year long investigation dubbed  'Operation G-Force' which included federal, state and local law enforcement.

Court appointed lawyers were called down to the federal court house to represent the herd of defendants.  "They had every one of the defendants in the jury selection room which is just one open room. And it was very crowded, " said Frank Riccio, an attorney for one of the defendants.

During the raids an agent accidentally shot one of the suspects.  He is being treated at St. Vincent's Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.  The FBI will conduct a separate investigation into the shooting.

None of the 34 arrested made bail.

Indictments of other suspects not arrested in the raids remain sealed. 

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