February on Track to Become Coldest Month on Record

February is on track to become the coldest month on record in Connecticut.

As of midnight Wednesday into Thursday, the average temperature in the Hartford area this month has been 15.7 degrees, according to First Alert Meteorologist Ryan Hanrahan. That’s an entire degree below the current record of 16.5 degrees, which was set in February 1934.

This month is also expected to break the record in Bridgeport, which stands at 21.9 degrees and was set in 2004. The average temperature in the Bridgeport area so far this month is 19.7 degrees.

Other cold months of note include the following:

16.8 degrees in Hartford, January 1970
16.9 degrees in Hartford, January 1961
17.4 degrees in Hartford, January 1918

21.9 degrees in Bridgeport, January 2004
22.1 degrees in Bridgeport, January 1981
23.1 degrees in Bridgeport, January 1982
23.3 degrees in Bridgeport, December 1989

Records date back to 1948 in Bridgeport and 1905 in the Hartford area.

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