Feds Say Pilot Error Caused Angel Flight Crash


Federal investigators say pilot error might have contributed to the August 2009 fatal crash of an Angel Flight piloted by a Brookfield man.

Joseph Baker was transporting a cancer patient and his wife to Boston in August 2008 when the plane crash into a supermarket parking lot in Easton, Massachusetts and all three people on board were killed.

Baker, of Brookfield, Connecticut, had not kept his "instrument only" flying credentials up to date and failed "to maintain control of the airplane" while attempting an approach in cloudy conditions, the National Transportation Safety Board has determined.

Baker was a volunteer pilot for a charity that connects pilots and aircraft owners with people who need transportation for medical purposes.   

The Enterprise of Brockton reports that the investigation found no problems with the engine, airframe or electronics.

The small plane was an Angel Flight, transporting cancer patient Robert Gregory, of Riverhead, N.Y., and his wife, Donna Gregory, for treatment.

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