Feeder Fund Founder Wants His Assets

Jeffrey Tucker cannot get to his money because of the Bernie Madoff scandal and he’s asking a Connecticut judge to give him access to the frozen assets.

Tucker, co- founder of Fairfield Greenwich Group, and his company are part of a group of people and funds that were sued last week over Madoff-related losses by the town of Fairfield's pension fund and its 1,500 members, Bloomberg reports.

Last month, state court Judge Arthur Hiller in Bridgeport froze those assets, along with assets of Madoff’s family members. At the same time, the judge set a hearing for April 13 to consider a permanent order.

Thursday, Tucker filed papers. 

The freeze “should be dissolved or modified,” Tucker said in court papers filed yesterday, Bloomberg reports. “The plaintiffs have failed to show probable cause that a judgment will be rendered in the plaintiffs’ favor against Mr. Tucker.”

Maxam Capital also asked for the freeze to be dissolved.

According to Bloomberg, those involved in the feeder funds whose assets were frozen include Sandra Manzke, the founder of Maxam Capital, along with Tucker and Fairfield’s other founding partners, Walter Noel Jr. and Andres Piedrahita. 

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