Fertilizer and Flower Costs Rising as Farmers Pay More

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You might pay more for fertilizer and flowers this spring.

Michael Arisco, the owner of Michael’s Greenhouses in Cheshire, said his flower prices are up 10% to 15% this year because, as a farmer, he has had to pay more for soil, pots and shipping.

“It’s the largest increase we’ve seen in over 25 years,” said Arisco.

So for the customers, there will be a small increase in price.

“We’re not going to pass everything on to the customer, but there is a small increase in price, I’d say about 10-15% so you probably won’t even notice it when you go to buy your plants this spring and you can’t put a price on how they make you feel,” said Arisco.

The rising cost of fuel is also driving up trucking costs and fertilizer.

Their flower pots, something Michael’s Greenhouses needs thousands of, come from countries overseas. Just one shipping container used to cost about $4,500. It’s now upwards of $25,000, said Arisco.

So how does Arisco, as a business owner, prepare for these rising costs?

“I don’t know if there’s a way to prepare. It’s just the cost of doing business and we just hope that consumers are willing to pay for the beautiful plants that are going to hit the stores in another three to four weeks,” said Arisco.

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